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Interstarch GmbH produces high quality AllStarch Wheat Starches (native and modified) and Wheat gluten. The products can be used in Food and Non-Food applications. Our company is certified according to GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, Kosher and Halal  and our products underly permanent control by certified  laboratories.


ALLSTARCH Vital Wheat Gluten

Premium quality wheat gluten. A vegetable protein for the production of bread and bakery goods, an additive for flour improvement and for the optimization of animal- and fish feed.



Native wheat starch: A multipurpose product for food industry (bakery, confectionary, pasta, fish, meat and dairy products) and non-food applications (paper, corrugated board, adhesives, construction, textile, chemical industry and pharma).



Distarch phosphate E1412: A food additive with excellent thickening and freeze-thaw properties. It is used as thickening agent and stabilizer in food applications.


ALLSTARCH Starch Acetate

Starch acetate E1420: A food additive with improved thickening performance and higher stability against chemical and mechanical stress, especially useful as thickener for canned food, confectionary and bakery products, but also for dressings, deserts, and frozen products.